Saturday, July 25, 2009

Low Back Pain Cartoon

整親條腰起碼攪幾日, 今日終於可以彎低至45度多少少(平時可以面貼腳). 腰有事, 坐立不安, 坐嘅姿勢好緊要. 尤其喺公司, 攪一大輪先舒服, 返到屋企又係. 都係自己衰, 成日鍾意坐喺sofa上, laptop on lap, 一邊望吓電視一邊用電腦. 宜家又要乖乖地咁喺枱上喇.

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P.S. 腰患的領會


Karelian said...


mad dog said...

karelian: 我知道呀. 一向都有做body massage架, 兩星期前先做完 :(

Echo said...

Me too! I always sit on sofa with laptop on lap and watching TV at the same time.feeling less lonely this
Way when at home by myself

mad dog said...

Echo: i just feel more entertained this way :)

cr said...

does ur company offer OSH assessment? you should check with your HR person (or whoever is in charge of those stuff). lower back support is really important and also to adjust the height of ur seat and the distance of your monitor. also how your elbows rest on your desk!! you might also want to ask for a footrest.

i got quite bad back pains last year from working too much too closely in front of a computer having a bad posture. slowly recovering from it now. :D

mad dog said...

cr: dun think my co. is that nice la. i've been paying attention to my posture at work for years cos i have low back (and back) problems. getting better now. :)

cr said...

i found this checklist, hope you'll find it useful. =)
in the mean time, take it easy. you shall be back for ballet soon enough.

mad dog said...

cr: thanks! i tried some ballet moves at home... can't go back to the dance floor yet. :(