Wednesday, March 18, 2009


估到話你叻! :)

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mad dog said...

1. Kate Moss
2. Reese Witherspoon
3. Lindsay Lohan
4. Amy Winehouse
5. Kristen Stewart
6. Katie Holmes
7. Mena Suvari
8. Jessica Alba
9. Jennifer Garner

Anonymous said...


點解Jennifer Garner對手腳咁粗?

mad dog said...

uncle ray: 有啲有小朋友喎, 有啲又擺明model咁瘦. J. Garner生完卦...

心迷 said...

haha, I spotted Amy Winehouse coz i recognised the dress she wore to court

Anonymous said...

mad dog,

Some are beautiful legs but I have to feel them to tell you who they are. :)

By the way mad dog for "兩周一聚(十一)題目:傳統 & 傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom",

> 我都係… 連中文今次都未必諗到點寫, 仲講英文? 睇怕要脫期喇… :)

Oh no. How about this idea?

寫寫不同時代的中西女性時裝, hemline,泳衣和比基尼如何?Just like you are commenting on here? In a sense, you've got the Chinese AND the English articles all set up.

Will this idea work for you or give you some sparks?

Let me know please please. I may be in deep trouble if you are already politely saying “睇怕要脫期喇”. please please write something la.

mad dog said...

加燦: haha, you are so efficient!!! i just left that comment a while ago... the topic sounds a bit serious ah... talking abt fashion, i'm not an expert either... aiya... let me see... ;)

Anonymous said...

mad dog,

In case you are wondering how will this help "Some are beautiful legs but I have to feel them to tell you who they are"?

Well, the idea is the more I feel their legs, "eventually" I will be able to tell them apart.

So, like many things, it takes time and practices. And in this case, I prefer LOTS of practices.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, I am efficient because I am near the computer and my lunch time. Plus I am also worried that "兩周一聚(十一)題目" is going to very very dead in my hands when no one shows up ah.

I have to write a post correcting this serious impression now.

May be with a title of "睇怕要脫期喇"!

Anonymous said...


mad dog said...

加燦: wow... a bit x-rated woh...

anon: not even #2??? some legs are very skinny though.

Anonymous said...

#2 is the most alright pair. But the calf is a bit too big and the feet, especially right foot, are too flat. A nice pair of legs or feet is much much more difficult to find than a pretty face.

tofufa said...

I only recognize Amy Winehouse's dress also...haha~

lu said...

this is hard. unless you've seen the pictures before or you really know those legs :P

Al said...

I like #2 (skinny n slim) & #3 (sexy).

mad dog said...

anon: wow, that calves are not big already la, flat feet? u mean no arch? not easy to see from that angle though.

tofufa: haha

lu: ha ha, u got any?

Al: yup, #2 is nice (Reese Witherspoon). #3 is Lindsay Lohan.

Anonymous said...

mad dog,

> 加燦: wow... a bit x-rated woh...

Yeap, I am bad again. So borrowing from MPAA, shall I, keep it G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, or R ?

Actually thinking about it, I probably did a PG-13 only.

Shall I stick with PG? ha ha.