Wednesday, January 23, 2008


又說birth order, 不過這回只說自己.

我是孻女, 看完這篇Last Born Children, 不過都不是全對.

~ risk takers - 都唔係成日夠膽冒險
~ idealists - 有時好悲觀
~ good sense of humor - 都算係
~ hard working - 我勁懶
~ immature - 對某啲人嚟講, 我可能係
~ attention seeking - 算唔算呢?
~ secretive - 一時時啦
~ sensitive - 係

strengths ~ outgoing, sociable, affectionate, caring, creative, empathetic and confident - 非議: confident - 一時時
weaknesses ~ spoiled, manipulative, immature, self-centered and capricious - 非議: manipulative: 唔算... 一啲都唔算

strengths ~ sales... 從無諗過可以從事營業, 不過"just do their own thing at their own pace"就對
weakness ~ no comment


laichungleung said...

Are you the one in the green sweatshirt? You are so cute.

Mugen C said...

都幾似我呢! :P

Anonymous said...

LCL: 緊係唔係啦, 我細個時啲相邊有咁高質素??? 70/80年代噃. 撻嚟用咋. (although i am/was cute. waha! ~ and actually much cuter than the little girl in green)

mugen: 真的?

laichungleung said...

you going to get the cutie pie award.

Anonymous said...

LCL: yeah! :)

Pema said...

先看中文, 都講得幾準, 幾似我喎 ! 再看才知英文是原文 .... :)))

Anonymous said...

pema: 你都係孻? :)