Monday, April 06, 2009

You Will Be Mine 我吃定你

來自法國的電影"Je te mangerais". 女主角Marie(Judith Davis)被音樂學院取錄, 校園離家太遠, 於是和一起成長的童年好友Emma(Isild Le Besco)分租住處. 朝夕相對, 加上Emma佔有慾強, 又不准Marie帶任何朋友回家, 二人關係由拉鋸和曖昧直到一發不可收拾.

導演Sophie Laloy經驗較多在音響設計及演戲上, 第二次正式執導, 成績不錯.

撇除數個太刻意的鏡頭外: 如兩個女子在鋼琴及琴譜前親熱, 又或Marie的睡衣一邊帶子掉了下來, 綜觀電影的視覺效果都很好.

Marie主修鋼琴, Emma是個醫學院學生, 性格各異, 卻又頗合得來. 明顯喜歡男孩子的Marie後來也弄不清自己想怎樣. 和男友一起卻又不覺得正在戀愛. 年輕又迷失, 感情事影響學習情緒, Emma的瘋瘋癲癲後來迫使Marie要求搬回家去.好些鏡頭都很出色. 喜歡Marie常常身穿紅衣, 色彩對比鮮明. 片末Emma為Marie自殺, 那個大特寫Marie神情呆滯, 她身後只見救護人員在忙碌, 印象難忘.

誰愛得多總是傷得更深. 角色轉移, 尾段Marie好像操控一切, 琴藝精湛, 不再受Emma影響.

類似電影也寫過的有"Water Lilies"及"My Summer of Love".





加燦 said...

Hello mad dog,

Very interesting movie. I have got some right (and wrong) reasons to want to see it. :) Until I read that "片末Emma為Marie自殺". And with that knowledge, both my right (and wrong) reasons evaporated and I don't think I want to watch it anymore.

mad dog, I don't blame you. Many movie reviewers (especially those that write for HK magazines) love to tell you exactly all the plot lines go, including crucial plot lines.

Sorry to be a bit mean here. I hope you don't mind.

mad dog said...

加燦: oops... spoiler u mean? but it doesn't mean she dies in the end... well, i dun think that's the crucial part of this film. and this is not my job to introduce films for people who hasn't watched the film. sorry.

加燦 said...

mad dog,

Sorry, you can write in what way you like. It is bad form for me to interfere but I would appreciate a spoiler alert. Anyway, sorry.

mad dog said...

加燦: it's fine. as an audience and a reader, i really seldom read a review/article about a film that I haven't seen. i will avoid all readings before viewing if i decided to see that film. u r right, i will continue to write the way that i like. in fact, writing that many films on my blog have been for my own record more than a review or introduction for films. see, i am not working for the distributor or film company. thanks for your consideration.

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mad dog said...

mag: :)

thanks Laurex!! :)