Thursday, September 26, 2013

17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss


1. 'I Am Just Here for the Money'
2. 'You Never Told Me to Do It'
3. 'There's Something Wrong'
4. 'I Want to Do What's Easiest'
5. 'That Takes Up Too Much Time'
6. 'I Could Be Doing Other Things'
7. 'I Promise to Do That'
8. 'It's Too Difficult'
9. 'I Agree to Disagree'
10. 'I Don't Have an Opinion'
11. 'I Can't'
12. 'I'm Not Optimistic'
13. 'I'm Clocked Out'
14. 'That's Not My Responsibility'
15. 'That's Not My Job'
16. 'I Don't Like Working for Other People'
17. 'I'm Not Working Hard'

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