Saturday, July 31, 2010


祖母離去了. 感謝神她所受的痛苦不算太長.

不知道是不是不只一次在病床前看著彌留的病人, 又或面對死亡及出席喪禮多次, 只覺得自己越來越勇敢, 也來得鎮定.



Alan said...

My condolences

brownie said...


Unknown said...

Take good care.

g said...

my condolences as well.

i trust that your grandma has long been a strong woman who perservere despite witnessing the passing away of her two most loved ones during her life.

coincidentally tonight i watched on TVB an RTHK program on the elderly in japan (those really old, over 100 yrs old )

sigh....such is life.

mad dog said...

Alan: thank you.

brownie: 謝.

老子: thank you.

g: thanks. i don't want to live that long either... maybe 70-80 is good enough, unless i still have loved ones around when i am that old.