Friday, July 16, 2010


這裡快會發霉了... 連續多編都是hea文... 這個星期真的是"phew"一聲才過去, 很不容易.

有時連一句想寫到fb status上也不太敢... 真的可憐. 這裡算是比較隱蔽, 不過都是小心為上.

唉. 總之XX當道(這星期其中一件事情)... 多年如是.

感冒未清, 再看中醫, 果然中藥有效.

在fb上add了移民廿載的姑丈. 攪笑.

Something for me to look forward to:

明天約了友人late lunch.

周一晚約了大學友人們晚飯, 數年沒見了.




Karelian said...



g said...

that's why i can't quite understand some will add their colleague/boss in fb. I won't. Becoz i speak true words/write my true feelings on internet ie. speak ill of others LOL.

but on the other hand, when used suitably, social media does allow others to better understand u, and so in some ways "manage" their impression of you. words/photos tell much. i see its effects already. but on balance i prefer to remain silent and invisible.

mad dog said...

Karelian: :) 無呀, 我set哂private, 無老細會睇到... 不過有舊同事及work friends之類, 所以都係小心為妙.

g: hmm, sometimes i dun really bother to let others better understand me... tired of that. :)

Ms S. said...

really love ur dairy, add oil!

fb 開始都難暢所欲言了,因為有很多同事在度,當同事request add你,你很難拒絕呢,但問心真係不係個個都想add囉

mad dog said...

小貍貓: thank you! :)