Friday, July 23, 2010


沒想到這回竟然會去看譚校長, 真的時光倒流一樣. 母親聽到我會去看也說: 咁老唱歌都仲有咁多人去睇... 哼...

最不願意出現的事情的確發生: 李克勤出場. 最討厭他.

幸而還有Mister, 寧願看他們好得多了.

都是喜歡Alan的慢歌, 那埋快歌, 有好些都不太認識.

他真的瘦了幾個圈, 原來有Mence幫忙.

八九十年代那埋歌, 真的耳熟能詳.

又原來觀眾不都是老人家/或老餅, 或三張幾以上的喇. 左邊坐了兩個二十多的情侶, 女的還帶了相機來不停的拍.

讀觀眾信件那段又的確感動. 應該不是做馬的. 那母親的兒子先天心漏. 連Alan也唱到哽咽.

近年真的去不少這些"集體回憶"的演唱會: 林子祥, Big Four. 這回Alan. 我們都真的老了.

高興是encore至差不多11:40pm, 氣氛不錯.

忘了說, 那幾個打鼓的, 很精彩, 令人想立即跑去學打鼓!

有人說: 咁多老嘢睇, 要抵睇啲人先滿意, 以前邊洗唱到咁夜, 未夠十一點就走架喇.


Snowdrops said...

We went to Alan Tam's concert in Macao as well last summer when I returned to HK for a visit. I was so jetlagged that I fell asleep through the first two-thirds of it, when he was singing all these 90's songs (which to me would be new songs). Only towards the encore part of the concert, when he began taking audience's votes for which of his 80's repertoire to sing, did I finally wake up and started really enjoying the concert :)

Oh and there was Mister, too. They were quite alright actually, although I never heard of them before until that night!

And I do have to admit to being a Hacken fan, but my memory of him stems again his 80's music (A Summer's Fairytale; Concert Hall, etc.), when he was just a young lad. I can see how he could turn people off the way he carries on these days...

mad dog said...

Snowdrops: well, there are still many Hacken Lee fans... even that nite. =_=

愛美 said...


mad dog said...

愛美: 記得返嚟話我知! enjoy!

愛美 said...

唉, 果朝收到同去的朋友通知, 她入了醫院,
又去唔成lu :(

mad dog said...

愛美: 真可惜! 咁又係, 無理由自己去架...