Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Picks A to Z


以下係廿多首來自我iPod touch上精選出嚟嘅歌/音樂, 有興趣可以介紹你的A to Z:

All My Life
~ Ultimate R&B ~ K-Ci & JoJo (youtube)

Breathe Me
~ Six Feet Under OST Volume 2 ~ Sia (youtube)

Cold Wind
~ Six Feet Under OST Vol. 2 ~ The Arcade Fire (youtube)

Drivin' You
~ The L Word OST ~ Shelley Campbell

Even God
~ Tissues and Issues ~ Charlotte Church (youtube)

Fly with Me (Lena's Song)
~ As It Is In Heaven OST ~ Leyla Yilbar Norgren (youtube)

~ Once OST ~ Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová (youtube)

~ The L Word OST ~ Rufus Wainwright (youtube)

I'm Still Remembering
~ To The Faithful Departed ~ The Cranberries (youtube)

~ Sweeney Todd OST (youtube)

~ Sex and the City OST ~ Bliss (youtube)

Love You Lately
~ Daniel Powter (youtube)

Moon River
~ New Moon Daughter ~ Cassandra Wilson

No Need To Argue
~ No Need To Argue ~ The Cranberries (youtube)

One April Day
~ Pieces of April OST ~ Stephin Merritt

Put Me Down
~ Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We ~ The Cranberries (youtube)

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
~ We Get Requests ~ Oscar Peterson Trio (youtube)

Right Into My World
~ Vier Minuten OST (One Minute) ~ Kathrin Scheer (youtube)

Say It To Me Now
~ Once OST ~ Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová (youtube)

~ Ella & Louis ~ Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Upside Down
~ Shortbus OST ~ Scott Matthew (youtube)

Vivaldi Cello Concerto RV424
~ The Classic OST (假如愛有天意) ~ Orchestre De Chambre Jean-Francois Paillard, Jean-Francois Paillard

What Ever Happened
~ Marie Antoinette OST ~ The Strokes (youtube)

You You You You You
~ Pieces of April OST ~ The 6ths (youtube)

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imak said...

i like cranberries too!!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

看來你頗喜歡聽OST. 我都是! 推介兩隻給你, 一隻是海角七號的, 另一隻是50 FIRST DATES.

Anonymous said...


mad dog said...

imak: yup!

candy: 兩齣都無睇噃. thanks anyway.

uncle ray: yeah!

laichungleung said...

Where is the love for excessive maudlin, my-heart-is-broken Canto and Mandarin pop songs? Where is the love, mad dog?

laichungleung said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I like your niece' reasoning or in defense of why you didn't even "turn" in your sleep. I guess she must be well loved by you.

mad dog said...

LCL: "Where is My Love" (Cat Power) is yet another song that I love! :) Yes, my niece is so lovely and always challenges this yee yee!

michelle said...


mad dog said...

michelle: 都等我有時間先post links... :) 好懶.