Thursday, March 25, 2010


看了這篇"What is it about ballet?", 很同意.

不會跳舞的, 喜歡芭蕾可能因為那些服飾, 音樂及舞者的舞姿體態.

喜歡跳芭蕾的, 會因為: "creative expression, discipline, self control, and enjoying the challenge of trying to reach the highest level of perfection in technique."

"In this world we have a daily dose of negativity surrounding us from television news reports and newspapers. We know this world is full of ugly things; earthquakes, famines, murders, disease, poverty, and abuse.

Then we catch a glimpse of a ballet and suddenly we are transported away from all the negativity into a world of beauty, elegance, and grace. For that hour or two we can live in a joyous world, a creative paradise. No bad news, only beauty to fill our souls."

舞蹈其實是一種therapy, 一個避難所. :)

image from en pointe


San Wen Ji said...

舞蹈其實是一種therapy, 一個避難所. :) <-- so true

the expression in the movement, no lie

mad dog said...

SWJ: 對, expression can't lie! :)