Thursday, August 13, 2009


我來了我來了, 近日人不太閒心更不閒. 有時真的不知post什麼上來. 跳舞課又整個月沒有上(病然後受傷... ), 除了電影, 我真的無話可說... :)

相信大家都有看過福爾摩斯"Sherlock Holmes"的故事吧? Jude Law來演Watson, 還有Robert Downey Jr.演Holmes, 等到頸都長了!!! 不過竟然是Madonna前夫Guy Ritchie執導, 未看過他的電影喎... 香港應該聖誕節上映.
"Dorian Gray"會不會也是今年上映呢? Dorian Gray這個名字聽得多了, 是Oscar Wilde名著"The Picture of Dorian Gray"中的人物. 連James Blunt有首歌的歌詞也有用過他的名字.
NYFF沒有機會看, 不過這些電影遲些或會在HKIFF或其他film fest出現吧? 一眾大師的電影都很想看:

"Wild Grass" by Alain Resnais
"Precious" by Lee Daniels
"Broken Embraces" by Pedro Almodóvar
"Antichrist" by Lars von Trier
"Life During Wartime" by Todd Solondz
"Sweet Rush" by Andrzej Wajda
"White Material" by Claire Denis
"The White Ribbon" by Michael Haneke
"Eccentricities of a Blonde" by Manoel de Olivera

呀, 我正忙於Summer IFF, 看了"Sunshine Cleaning", 頗喜歡, 值得推介!


Mag Yip said...

Mad dog..

我都兩個星期上唔到 Yago堂,

Dorian Gray 內容係講咩0家??

Kempton said...

Still not well? Get well soon la.

re Guy Ritchie

Ritchie came highly recommended and I watched two of his films and were very pleasantly surprised. They film genre may not be everyone's tastes but try these two first. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) Snatch. (2000) Very nice and stands the test of time passed (so far).

Kempton said...

P.S. It is unavoidable for Guy to have the "Madonna前夫" label stay with him for those that haven't seen his film. Thats exactly how I labeled him before I watched the two films above and quite enjoyed them.

I personally think Guy has lots of talent and the two films were quite creative and entertaining.

mad dog said...

Mag: 我差不多好哂架喇, 如無意外, 希望下星期可以上堂 :) Dorian Gray係個愛情騙子, 我都唔係太知電影會同Oscar Wilde本書有幾似, 拭目以待 :)

kempton: better la, hopefully i can dance next week. really haven't seen Ritchie's films before, but for Jude Law, i am definitely going to see this film. :)

Kempton said...

Jude and Robert look great in the film.

Lock Stock and Snatch are pretty action and possibly "guy" film. Brad Pitt was in Snatch, he acted well in it. Anyway, worthwhile to rent.