Wednesday, December 24, 2008


其實還有數天才是年尾, 不過暫時不知道未來一星期會否看電影, 現在來這篇都不算早吧.

要我選十大, 難上加難. 過去一年寫影後感也懶了不少, 沒有前兩年那麼積極和瘋狂. 又或, 看得太多, 趕不及寫.

好些片子看了都沒多寫了. 多得douban, 令我有個粗略記錄, 知道過去一年看過什麼電影.

以下是我比較喜歡又印象深刻的電影, 有些是舊片.


Summer Hours 夏日時光
The Wave 白恤暴潮
I Always Wanted To Be A Gangster 我要做個賊
Mark of an Angel 天使的印記 (寫緊... )
Vicky Cristina Barcelona 情迷巴塞隆拿
Mamma Mia! 媽媽咪呀!
Enfances / Childhoods 六個大師的童年
Sex & the City 色慾都市
The Other Boleyn Girl 華麗孽緣
牯嶺街少年殺人事件 (director's cut)
Paranoid Park 迷幻公園
The Early Years Erik Nietzsche
Beneath the Rooftops of Paris黎屋簷下
Nightwatching 夜巡林布蘭
Lagerfeld Confidential
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead 賊兄弟連環劫
Once 一奏傾情
I Served the King of England 我侍候英王
The Home Song Stories
The Band's Visit 警察樂隊來訪時
You, the Living 人啊, 你為什麼
Juno 少女孕記
Sweeney Todd 魔街理髮師
My Blueberry Nights 藍莓之夜

廿六齣有十九齣都是HKIFF或不同電影節看的, 你說沒有電影節日子怎樣過?! :)


Coffee said...

I draft the top 10 of 2008 ~ but too lazy to continue~~

Actually is I can't find top 10, maybe just 3-5, lol..

And now see this, I think maybe I write the impressive movies is much easier~~

Anyway, have a happy and lovely Christmas~~~:)

mad dog said...

coffee: yeah, top 10, i dun even try to compile the list! Merry Christmas and more lovely films in 2009!

Xavier said...

Hmm.. 淨系睇左MAMMA MIA!同埋SATC. 兩齣都唔錯.

Merry X'mas !!

Anonymous said...

xavier: 咁少? Merry Christmas!