Friday, April 27, 2012

The Deep Blue Sea 藍藍的深海

揀"The Deep Blue Sea"很大原因是Rachel Weisz,故事背景是五十年代的倫敦,加上淒美(又其實悲多於美)的場景和故事,看得人有點悲傷。Rachel Weisz當然漂亮,不過角色令人生憐。

主旨:"The wife of a British Judge is caught in a self-destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot."

導演是Terence Davies,故事改編自1952年Terence Rattigan的話劇。

大鋼 (wiki):
Set 'around 1950', The Deep Blue Sea tells the story of Hester Collyer, the younger wife of High Court judge Sir William Collyer, who has embarked on a passionate affair with Freddie Page, a handsome young RAF pilot troubled by his memories of the war.

The majority of the film takes place during one day in Hester's flat, a day on which she has decided to commit suicide. Her attempt fails and as she recovers, the story of her affair and her married life is played out in a mosaic of short and sporadic flashbacks. We soon discover the constraints of Hester's comfortable marriage, which is affectionate but without sexual passion.

As Hester's affair is discovered she leaves her life of comparative luxury and moves into a small dingy London flat with Freddie. Hester's new lover has awakened her sexuality, but the reckless, thrill-seeking Freddie can never give her the love and stability that her husband gave. Yet to return to a life without passion would be unbearable. The film takes its title from her dilemma.[4]

一個嫁了有名有利的法官(Sir William Collyer)的女人Hester(Rachel Weisz),錯愛上一個英國皇家空軍機師Freddie(Tom Hiddleston)。




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