Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kevin's Cushion

沒有看"Brothers & Sisters"的不好意思, 請略過... ;)

話說Kevin那個攪笑cushion, 很多fans都有留意. 其實已經多次出現在不同season, 不同episode了... 印象中起碼出現過三次.

Season 2 Episode 11 ~ Jason來訪時都有問: 這個還在?
Season 3 Episode 6, Rebecca探訪Kevin叫他出席Justin的one-year sober anniversary聚會時:
當然還有剛剛星期日晚那集Season 5 Episode 9 ~ stoned Kevin! 笑死!
原來有得買架!!! 有twitter網友提供: disco lady pillow


Coffee said...

haha, it's really so funny.

Btw, the writer really done a good job of the plot: Scotty cheated on Kevin, the speech by Scotty is so touching:P

BTW, long time no see

mad dog said...

oh i miss u coffee!!! how r u? dun just hang out in weibo la! u been to french film fest? am gonna write some of them, hopefully this week. i am so obsessed with kevin/matthew rhys lately, just too crazy...

Coffee said...

之前真係忙到呆左。宜家先開始有時間pick up番D野,其實微博都好少上:P

對啊對啊,我有睇French film,今年睇個D都好好睇,Happy Few, Sounds of ice cubes都好正:)


mad dog said...

Coffee: Sounds of Ice Cubes無睇添... Israeli FF我都攞咗張嘢, 未得閒望呀 :)