Friday, June 25, 2010

Let Life Happen

追看Brothers & Sisters Season 1看到Episode 22. 昨晚看到Tommy和母親在醫院的一番對話.

: Maybe I’m not the best example of that, but sometimes being a good parent is knowing when not to parent. You have to get out of the way and let life happen to your kids. (memorable lines source)

Let life happen. 有時我們要接受生命中一些無法改變的現實.

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imak said...

totally agreed!
但在中國人社會, 家長式父母是很難明白 how to let go........

mad dog said...

imak: 對, 中國人家庭大都很傳統.

Ms S. said...

agree, i think it can apply family relationship and love too, accept and face something we cannot change.

I hope you can visit my diary, I appreciate your diary too, thanks

mad dog said...

小貍貓: thanks! 過嚟行吓先! :)