Saturday, January 05, 2008


看slate.com的Today's Pictures又有好發現. 就是這個攝影版的"To Each His Own Cinema" ~ "Let’s Go Out to the Movies"(有廿張不同國度不同年代的相片)
UNITED STATES—Children in a movie theater, 1958.
© Wayne Miller / Magnum Photos
CANNES, France—Director Jean-Luc Godard
adjusts the projection of his film Détective
at the 1985 Cannes International Film Festival.
On the screen is singer-actor Johnny Hallyday, 1985.
© Gilles Peress / Magnum Photos
UNITED STATES—Love and marriage, 1961.
© Burt Glinn / Magnum Photos

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laichungleung said...

You are such a cinephile. I used to like movies, I mean I still do but definitely not as much as you, not even close. Hope you are feeling better already.

Just went to ice skating during lunch break. Actually it's more like ice walking.

Have a great weekend.