Monday, August 10, 2015

How To Get Through...

life when mum is sick...

1. Treat everyday as your last days. I actually have been doing so for quite some time, long before mum got sick. Guess losing our dad in a sudden way more than a decade ago explains why I treasure all the quality time I can spend with my mum. 

2. Eat well. Drink well. Yes, and I gained weight this year, about a month after mum came home from surgeries. And yes, I'm at my record high. Gosh.

3. Don't waste time on people that you hate, say having lunch with colleagues that you hate a lot. :) Life is short, you deserve good lunches on your own or with people that you love/like. 

4. Some shopping from time to time does no harm ;) Even online shopping can help de-stress.

5. Convince your spouse or significant other that you need more time with mum, hope he/she understand. 

6. Things to do with mum (as I always do): movies, watch sunset (maybe even sunrise!), nice meals, yummy icecream, play games like scrabbles, go to church, a walk in the park, and many more. I took sick leave one weekday to join my mum and sis to go see "Inside Out" and went to Via Tokyo after the movie  :) 

7. Pray and be prepared. No, I haven't sought help from counsellor or whatsoever yet... although a friend in the industry advised me and my mum to consider. 

8. Hope for the best. You never know what God plans ahead for us. And stay positive! 


Karelian said...

Hi~~Take care baby. Still love your words!!

mad dog said...

thanks a lot Karelian! :)