Tuesday, May 17, 2011


睇報紙見(SCMP), "Bosses from Hell", 香港叻哂...

"When do you expect your staff to be available out of office hours? (% of respondents)"

During Emergencies
Australia ~ 57%
Hong Kong ~ 47%
New Zealand ~ 49%
Singapore ~ 77% (慘)

After hours generally
Australia ~ 14%
Hong Kong ~ 28% (慘)
New Zealand ~ 14%
Singapore ~ 26%

While on annual leave
Australia ~ 8%
Hong Kong ~ 35% (超慘!)
New Zealand ~ 6%
Singapore ~ 19%

Source: Robert Half (via SCMP)


San Wen Ji said...

I got blame by boss today that I didn't return her call during my annual leave :P

free as a bird said...

Boss in hong kong are generally rubbish, they are not good at execution and poor in memory. They expected their subordinates to be hand on, spot on and fast pace.

mad dog said...

SWJ: sigh...

free as a bird: wow we must be in the same office!!! LOL!