Sunday, May 03, 2009

3 Words

What were the first three words you saw?

from here

第一次: secret, lice, mad
第二次: crush, fool, naked
第三次: suicide, none, rage



michelle said...

one, read, kick
嘩 你真係好夜睡 !

冬冬 said...

ass, fool, lust


昆布 said...

go, fool, kick ~

imak said...

secret, fool, leave

加燦 said...

You asked "What were the first three words you saw?"

I have fun finding these,
1) fool, crush, ten

Even more fun finding these,
2) fax, lane, leave

I had the most fun finding these superheros, can you or your readers find them?
3) batman, superman, spiderman

But I could not find aquaman! How strange? :)

聶秀康 said...

mad dog said...

seems like everyone's having fun! :) hahaha!

read kiss coke
past dread kick
mania dream lust

加燦: superhero! can't find them yet!

Anonymous said...

german, one, cut

admin said...

Lust , crush, passion :)

Karelian said...


Pema said...


茱利亞 said...

art, naked, leave

Tessa said...

Crush, Fool, Kiss
哈哈~ 好似玩緊Word Challenge~!!

gar~* said...

leave, noir, suicide...

mad dog said...

maki: wow!

karelian: 我知呀. :) 不過戒唔到...

gar: noir都俾你睇到! :)

加燦 said...

Ha ha, the amount of fun here is almost "R" rated. :)

Before you or your readers waste time to try to find the super heros, I better write a little more.

I had to fun finding the first three words.

Then for the second list of three words, I started to have fun.
So Fax was a word that I found from reading the letters backward (from right to left).
Lane was a word that I found from reading upward (from bottom to top).

For my third list of super heros, in response to your challenge of "What were the first three words you saw?", I simply decide to get out of the box and simply pick the letters one at a time!

Which is how I find (or "letter pick" or "type") batman, superman, spiderman. And since there is no letter "Q", you can't find Aquaman.

Mugen C said...

Hate, These, Secret! :O


mad dog said...

加燦: oh there are so many words so i simply dun try to find them backwards.

mugen c: :)

Unknown said...

Fool, Mad, Kick.