Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Starting off, and it's not random

Happy new year everyone!

I know it sounds a bit of a challenge, but hey, why not a blog a day as I did before?? Don't know if it will turn out to look more like a diary or not... anyway, let me have a good start of the year.

Slept at 6am today after dinner and count down party with the family and then some me time in front of the TV and iPad, and then of course some more Candy Crush (level 432).

Planned to go to two classes at the gym but skipped the first one in order to join my family to go yum cha. Family, health and food are still my priorities as always.

The pilates class was so good and I tried to remind myself what my chiropractor warned me to avoid. Now walking on the treadmill, yes just walking at 4.3km/h as chiro said I shouldn't run or do steppers or jumps... sad but am actually improving, despite frequent relapses. 

As the "mister" is working all day today, I'm going to have a mini hot pot dinner with mum and sis tonight. Why mini? Cos we all want to eat less, and all the ingredients will just be thrown into the pot at once :)

While writing this post, I've already been walking for 20 minutes, not bad.

Have a great year friends! Wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful and fruitful 2014!!!

(my tweet today: I think ppl who go to the gym on the first day of the year are more or less the achiever type. Yes, and I want to say I'm one of them :) and I'm going to achieve something this year. Hope to hear good news soon. and I'll get what I want this year! Go badger! ^_^)


Matt said...

Happy New Year! Keep up the fitness plan!

mad dog said...

thanks Matt! Have a great new year!