Friday, May 29, 2009


1. 是日睡至中午. 下午又再小睡兩小時. 很久沒有午睡了. 晚上更覺疲倦.

2. 昨晚追看了Season 4的Medium第二三集. 聽到兩首舊歌, 都是耳熟能詳, 不禁透露年齡. 是Tears for Fears的"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"及Crowded House的"Don't Dream It's Over".

3. Pet Society的龍舟實在可愛. 真沒想到他們竟然知道有端午節.

4. 我要減肥. 在這裡說了多少遍了?! 越說越肥!!! :(

5. 昨晚Cable又播My Blueberry Nights. 間斷地看了一點. 因為買了OST很久, 那些歌都依然動聽. 其實我頗喜歡此片. 尤其是有Jude Law及他的British accent.

6. 不敢相信五月快完了. 即今年又過了一半. 我做過什麼?!

7. 喜歡 Today's Pictures這天的"Getting Old". 老了會怎樣? 喜歡那個餵白鴿的法國老婦, 還有那個弄孫為樂的法國老婦. 當然更喜歡最後一幅看海的老人.


Anonymous said...

love love love "getting old" pics.!
i almost wanna cry for some shots. really like three old guys "playing" their bellies! :)
old photos are so powerful!


Anonymous said...

btw, thanks for your good recommendations! you are a lovely, with high taste!


mad dog said...

milly: thanks! i love those photos too. :)

uncleray said...


mad dog said...

uncleray: 80s歌, 緊係唔係啦 :)

Echo said...

For Pt 6, Yes, can't believe half an year past already, and I have been off work for completely 5 months!! What a luxury! I went to University of Sydney yesterday to apply Master of Marketing degree. So might go back to uni in the following.

mad dog said...

echo: right, time flies. good luck for ur application! :)