Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Newsweek封面: 奧利華史東 + Nicolas Cage

星期二, 又是收到我在公司訂閱的Newsweek的時間. 上星期的封面是布殊和中東問題, 今期竟然是Nicolas Cage在Oliver Stone的電影"9/11"作紐約警察, 寫著: Oliver Stone's 9/11 America's Most Controversial Director Chooses Courage Over Conspiracy in 'World Trade Center' By David Ansen. 在這個戰火連連的數週, 沒想到封面竟然是一齣電影...

有興趣看Newsweek這個cover story, 可進入其網頁: Natural Born Heroes.

為什麼要五年後才拍這齣電影? 文章我未有時間看, 午飯時再慢慢閱讀.

Oliver Stone: "If this movie is what I hope it to be, it transcends 9/11. It's about anybody, anywhere, who feels the taste of death. It's the theme of being trapped."

Newsweek說, 其實荷李活是最後一個對9/11作回應的群體, 在過去五年, 有關9/11的文化藝術創作多不勝數:

Nov 13
Paul McCartney, 'Freedom' -- The ex-Beatle's single was first in line

Jan 15
Alan Jackson, 'Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)' -- The country-music star wrote the song late one night in his pajamas: 'I was reluctant about it. I didn't want to appear like I was taking advantage.'
March 11
'Tribute of Light' -- For 32 nights, two banks of 44 lights formed towers in New York's night sky
March 26
Neil Young, 'Let's Roll' -- Rocker's tribute to brave United 93 passenger Todd Beamer
April 4
Jonathan Safran Foer, 'Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close' -- Novel about a quirky boy whose dad was killed on 9/11
May 26
'In Memoriam: New York City'(HBO) -- Potent 9/11 doc narrated by Rudy Giuliani (the Mayor)
July 23
Toby Keith, 'Courtesy of the Read, White and Blue (The Angry American)' -- A vengeful and controversial country-music hit single
July 30
Bruce Springsteen, 'The Rising' -- Album based on his talks with 9/11 widows
Aug 5
Maira Kalman, 'Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey' -- Kid's-book author's tale of a boat used on 9/11: 'I was crying while I was painting it. It was cathartic to write a story in which humanism prevails.'
Aug 20
Lisa Beamer, 'Let's Roll' -- A memoir of grief by Todd's widow
Sept 11
Eric Fischl, 'Tumbling Woman' -- Sculpture evoking victims who leapt from the towers; removed from Manhattan's Rockefeller Center due to complaints
Sept 19
John Adams, 'On the Transmigration of Souls' -- Classical music piece inspired by missing-person notices
Oct 28
Tori Amos, 'Scarlet's Walk' CD about America post-9/11: 'It's easy to point the finger at "evildoers," but think of the genocide that happened in this country. Go talk to the Cherokee nation.'

April 4
'The Guy's' -- Based on Anne Nelson's play, a film about eight list firemen
Sept 7
'DC 9/11' (Showtime) -- Cable film about Bush's handling of the attacks

June 25
'Fahrenheit 9/11'-- Michael Moore's hit doc
Sept 7
Art Spiegelman, 'In the Shadow of No Towers' - A graphic novel about his 9/11 experience

Jan 12
Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn, '102 Minutes' -- Two reporters document the moments between the attacks on the towers and their rapid collapse

April 28
'United 93' -- Hollywood's first 9/11 film, directed by Paul Greengrass
June 6
John Updike, 'Terrorist' -- Famed author's tale of a Muslim suicide bomber: 'The phenomenon of a homegrown terrorist will be with us for a while,' he says.

Source: Newsweek


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