Monday, August 07, 2006


那晚我們去了天后清風街橋底的富東海鮮飯店, 內裡貼上許多老細與本地政界名人的相片, 又說是阿一鮑魚徒弟林X春主理.

不知道飯店主打是否只有那些貴價的鮑魚海味, 我們叫的三味都有點叫人失望.




生炒排骨當然怎也不及中環某貴價老字號好吃, 牛"利"完全沒有牛"利"的味道, 像牛柳粒, 花支片尚可. $224三味還送糖水, 倒很化算. 不過一點也不好坐, 不會再來.


Andy said...

Which floor were you on? Although they have expensive abalone, their normal dishes should be OK. Give it one more chance and try the roast chicken, Baked oyster with port wine, steam fish, etc. Should be OK gar. Go to 3rd floor. It is very comfortable there.

Kajie said...

Be very honest, the dishes looked just.."so so". In fact, i guess other restaurants can do this standard...even better than this restaurant...

mad dog said...

andy: we were on the ground floor. i know a lot of patrons went upstairs. but those 3 dishes are so common and not difficult. just disappointed.
kajie: agree

愛美 said...

我倒很喜歡到那裡的, 環境真的不算好, 但價錢不貴, 味道亦不錯, 推介菜式有:
1. 鵝掌
2. 鼓油皇煎蝦
3. 牛尾煲 (我不吃牛的, 但朋友都說好)
4. 椒監雞軟骨
5. 炸子雞

另外, 他們有些特價小菜都不錯的. 而蛋白杏仁茶, 真是一流 :P