Saturday, October 17, 2015

Passions Choose You

"One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you” — Jeff Bezos (founder, CEO and chairman of







Kitty said...

好像作出一點改變,但就是沒勇氣跳出comfort zone

Bloggerdzc said...

nothing to lose, right?

Kempton said...

Hi Hi, Long time no chat. I spent some time trying to find other people's wiser words to illustrate my points but I failed as it just took too long and I have other things I need to do. So I guess I will have to settle in using my own words.

When one is hungry, homeless, ... then one can't really afford to have passion. But when someone has some measure of security by previous work savings or support from an understanding spouse (the director Ang Lee before he got famous and financially independent), ... then may be try to pursue our passion. Not all passion can or will make money. But thats ok too because may be skills learned or reputation earned from that can be used elsewhere one day. Or may be the end products are worthwhile.

Over the last 10 years, I've made three documentaries and they haven't made me enough money to cover cost (and likely will never make me money). But the fact and honour that my debut documentary Long Hair Revolution (2005) 長毛革命 is now collected and preserved by the national archive of Canada is something I am immensely proud of. The film preserved a page of important history of HK.

My two 2015 new docs "HKtv Revolution (2015)「香港電視革命」" and "Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection (2015)「雨傘革命實錄:以史為鏡」" are heading the same direction of not making me any money (given the time and resources I spent) as my crowdfunding campaign only raised a tiny amount. But they are worthwhile films to me. (note: 錦上添花很多人爭先去做,雪中送炭的人就小之又小 as I saw from my crowdfunding campaign。)

Life is more than just money and possession. In our dying moments, I suspect not many people would think, "Ah, it would have been great if I had $250,000 more in my bank account." No one choose our live paths for us. Sometimes our live has more flexibility only if we inspect our lives more careful and realize truly how much or how little do we need to live a reasonably enjoyable life.

In closing, I had some great help from an old 「兩周一聚」friend over the phone for two hours on some time sensitive matter yesterday. So I guess I am "paying forward" by sharing my thoughts on this topic with you. i hope I helped. I am no expert but I did make my film in 2005, more than 10 years ago. And now, with my two brand new (not publicly screened) back-to-back documentaries in 2015, I can't even say I am a one-trick pony as I now have my three films. Yes, my "Revolution Trilogy".

Life is a journey. Life is a mystery. We only live life once. Enjoy it. Do what you can to live a meaningful life.

My best,

P.S. I was scanning some of my old 「兩周一聚」articles and saw a link to one of your old articles. And I thought I drop by to say hi by leaving a "short" comment. And I see _again_ that I don't know how to write a "short" comment.

Karelian said...