Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Ten

Just something from my tweets :)

1. 5** student Tsang Tsz-Kwan also on CNN (and video)

2. I wanna try mac n cheese buffet lunch at @Lily_BloomHK in LKF!

3. 7 yoga poses to detoxify the body

4. Will you try the "Before XXX" marathon? 

5. 各Bobbi Brown fans請注意,BB將於八月加價,買開嘢嘅入貨請早。

6. Man of Steel is not bad but to me, the best scene is the very last scene when Clark Kent goes to work at Daily Planet LOL

7. Superman turns 75: 75 images of the Man of Steel

9. Summer IFF programme is out already, ticketing starts Monday

10. 十大早死行業,好彩我唔算有份


Unknown said...

4. I'd rather watch the first 2 at home. Not a fan of that "marathon" thing.

9. Will you go to the re-screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

mad dog said...

Jeff: 4. But I really want to see the first one on big screen again... will see. dun think anyone will join me though. 9. Nah, not a fan. Haven't read the programme yet. How many r u seeing again???

Unknown said...

9. Haven't read the programme yet...