Saturday, December 17, 2011



I am me once more
I can only be me
I can't be with you
I can't hear the music
I can't make you love me
I don't like it like this
I don't think so
I just shot John Lennon
I know you by heart
I like the way
I really want you
I still do
I think I love
I thought about you
I wandered by a brookside
I want candy
I want to be loved
I will always
I will be
I wish I was a single girl again
I would like to call it beauty
I wouldn't need you
I'd do it all again
I'll be waiting
I'll be your man
I'll take everything
I'm a lonely little petunia
I'm all over it now
I'm scared
I'm so lonesome I could cry
I'm still remembering
I'm you
I'm yours
I've got you under my skin

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