Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Keyboard Key Are You?

You Are "delete"

Some people might try to say you're standoffish and aloof.

You prefer to think of yourself as a person of few words.

You like to live simply, speak simply, and act simply. It's all about editing.

No wonder you're the first person your friends call when they need a mess cleaned up!


木棉_簡單快樂 said...

a great multitasker...做到死:P

mad dog said...

木棉: haha!

Airchild said...

Hey, this is fun.
I'm the "ESC" key... ha ha, a big dreamer!

mad dog said...

airchild: ESC? nice!

Anonymous said...

My favorite key is "8"
Also shift-8 is " * ".
I like " * " too.

They are very sexy keys.

mad dog said...

eeason: don't write x-rated thing here woh...