Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Five


如果唔怕肥, 通常最想吃的五樣東西:

1. rib eye steak

2. chicken wings

3. foie gras

4. sashimi

5. chocolate pudding with vanilla icecream / key lime pie / hot fudge sundae


Coffee said...

yeah, 1-3 are my all time favorite!!

mad dog said...

Coffee: ^_^ saw your weibo, i wanted to see euro film fest too, not sure if i have time though :( hkiff ticketing starts soon!

Coffee said...

yeah, HKIFF!! 今年影期又短左,可能真係會睇到嘔:P

mad dog said...

Coffee: 仲要唔撞復活節, 要請假的話咪好慘?