Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Something Random

1. Vanessa Mae和她的虎媽故事確實可給現代母親作借鏡。
2. 上早班要用三個鬧鐘,不過有時真的太晚睡,是三個鬧鐘都可以給我熄掉,非常危險。最好的防範方法始終是早點睡,說了廿年。
3. Avril Lavigne演唱會啊,希望我沒有超齡 :P 。
4. 大路電影有幾齣想看︰3D The Lego Movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Book Thief。American Hustle也會考慮。其實月尾有個EUFF 2014(歐洲電影節),還有幾齣Oscar Foreign Films nominees。
5. 新年後只有上星期叫做提點勁去gym,這星期下班後都想跑回去午睡!
6. 新春團拜未完啊,應該還有兩三個飯局。


Jeff Walker Lee said...

EUFF撞正我嘅新加坡之旅, 淨係揀咗兩套: Stopped on Track, The Great Beauty.

another 匿名 said...

Violinist Vanessa-Mae has fulfilled her long-term ambition to qualify for the Winter Olympics. She will be racing for Thailand 。。。。。

mad dog said...

Jeff: I havent checked out the films yet...

anonymous: I know, I read that today too :) amazing life of her!

熱goo said...

3. Avril 演唱會我都會去XD

Jeff Walker Lee said...

應該得一套會full house, 其他walk in都得.