Friday, December 16, 2011


WebMD在facebook上一段:A few years ago, research suggested your friends influence your weight. Now, a new study says your early-life family habits play a bigger role in your current eating habits. So who do you think influences what you eat? Your Mom when you were 5 years old or your BFF now? ~ Adult Obesity May Be All in the Family

真的嗎﹖我一直相信基因的影響最大,總有些人天天大吃大喝又不多運動還是骨瘦如柴。不公平的,當然不公平,鬼叫老豆阿媽易肥 ;) 不過如果如文中所說,應該是小時候父母的飲食習慣影響也很大。

Top 20 Best Movies of 2011 ~ 只看了四齣,今年自HKIFF之後都看少了電影,荷李活片及港片反而相對上看得多了一點,因為不用用腦。看過的四齣: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Midnight In Paris, Super 8和Crazy, Stupid, Love。要我揀全年最喜歡的廿齣當然不同了。法國電影節看了兩齣,都打算寫寫的,這個周末吧。



gar~* said...
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gar~* said...

吸唔吸收我都覺得係基因問題, 但飲食習慣身邊人就有好大影響~ 不過飲食習慣係可以改o既, 亦唔太難改 (比要定時做運動一類習慣容易)~

"The Descendants" 同 "Hugo" 都好期待啊~

mad dog said...

gar: 咁又係,其實身邊人影響好大。好耐無睇你blog添,過去行下先 :)