Wednesday, February 08, 2012


相信不少人都在facebook或其他途徑看過Superbowl halftime show的Madonna及Clint Eastwood的Chrysler廣告吧。Madonna果然仍然是殿堂級。


laichungleung said...

Both of them age very well. Considering Madonna is 53, she sure did well, dancing and doing cart wheels. She slipped when she climbed the bleachers but was able to recover fast. But I guess I will never see her perform "Like A Virgin" anymore, nor do I want to see it? Eastwood's halftime by Chrysler generates much controversy because of accusations that this is actually an Obama re-election campaign ad ... Anyway, I think I like last year's Eminem version more.

mad dog said...

LCL: Thanks for sharing! Yes Clint eastwood's ad issue was on tv news here last night too, so political.